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How to choose an Aikido Gi

How to choose an Aikido Gi

Before purchasing any item from the market, it is always in order that you consider a few factors. Several experts can give you the best advice on how to go about an Aikido. In this article, I have carefully discussed on how to choose an Aikido GI.

For a long time, Aikido Hakama and Dogi were not in existence, and so most practitioners used Judogi and Kendogi. Steadily, as the Aikido gained reputation, many historical martial arts manufacture begun producing Aikido, and so a few specific products have begun to feature. Even though Aikido Hakam has gained popularity swiftly due to their essential feature, the presence of the flexible back plate (Koshiita) which prevents injury, they are still hard to get outside Japan.

Aikido Dogi have grater features like; shorter sleeves are more flexible and have longer jackets. The present one has been designed based on Judo Dogi and Seido models. The four models have been fabricated by the Japanese manufactures and they are part of traditional Aikido cut.

Apart from the four models, you can also consider the four other models that come under the name ‘New aikido cut.’  They point up delicate changes on the cut, attributing shortened sleeves reaching the middle of forearm, longer jackets and explicit fabrics and cuts that makes them be very flexible and easier to grasp.

How to choose your size

The first thing to you should do is to confirm your height. This will allow you choose the most appropriate Dogi size. You can consider feature Dogi shrinkage. Many times, mostly when your weight is more than your ideal load, it is better to pick on the one that is a half size larger. If your weight exceeds a hundred digits, it would be good if you choose a larger size.  For example, if your weight is 75kg and your height is 170cm, go for a half size larger.

When choosing an Aikido, you need to take keen notice of the maximum size as recommended. This is the best guide on how to choose an Aikido Gi. The final fit will largely depend on the shape of your body, in case you think that maybe you are above the recommended size, and then you need to contact your supplier.



Updated: December 8, 2017 — 4:06 am
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