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Choosing the Aikido Hakama

Choosing the Aikido Hakama

Are you looking for the best Aikido Hakama but does not know how?  This article will give you a guideline on choosing the Aikido Hakamas.  Remember, by choosing the best Hakama, you are improving your training results. You need to bare in mind that the traditional hakamu was specifically made to fit the Japanese body style, this means that they are not fit for the larger westerners.

For comfort, choose on your size and model.

For you to choose the best Hakima that will give you best comfort, you need to take care of the size and model. Size is a very essential when choosing the Aikido Hakama. The sizing presented based on traditional Kujira-shaku( the traditional Japanese clothing). 3.79cm=1 kujira-shuku therefore a Hakama 27cm calculated as follows; 27 by 3.79 which results to 102.3cm

Hakama are measured from the bottom upwards contrary to the waist downwards. The best fit is that which the front folds is fitted above the outer ankle.  They come either as pure cotton or as synthetic fabrics. Though you remain the primary decision maker, you need to know that the synthetic ones do not shrink; the opposite is true with the pure cotton. You should consider purchasing what you feel is most comfortable with you because on the other side, synthetic do not ‘breathe’ as pure cotton. If you go for the pure cotton, you need to take care during cleaning so that it does not shrink.

Hakama are to be worn with judo belt.  Although you can find other options that can be worn by the traditional thick obi belt. If your waist is more than 80cm, you can consider customizing one though most of them are well fitted with front and back traps. Before figuring out how your size is, you can try putting on that of your friend who is of similar size as you. There are many factors that will determine the size you wear like; width of the hips, height of the waist, length of the legs and width of the hips. Before Choosing the Aikido Hakama making an order, try on the Hakama size to figure out how you would look like.




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