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Best katana for training purposes

Best katana for training purposes
Are you looking for the best katana for training purposes? You are in the right article. I have carefully picked on the best katana that is affordable and reliable to increase your results. One of the best katana for training is Musashi Tsuba Unsharpened Blade. There are several types of katana for training available in the market. Some are made from wood while others are made from aluminum but are very to safe for practice since they are blunt hence cannot cause injuries.
Top Features
Blade length – 28.25”
Overall length – 39.5”
Tsuka length – 11”
Blade – not sharpened
Blade material – high carbon steel
Saya material – wood
Tsuka material – authentic ray skin
The sword has very exceptional qualities; it is the Iaido version of Musash Katana. Iaido is the most recommended way of practice; it is the safest and the best way of practicing Japanese sword arts. It is very similar to a live blade. It lasts longer than the aluminum alloy. This is the best katana for training purposes. It is very safe for [practicing the ancient art of Iaido.
The blade is made of steel which has been handcrafted from a high hardened carbon steel. The blade is full tang. This sword comes when it is unsharpened. A Bo-Hi has been added to the top of the blade, this is to ensure better balancing of the blade and to provide audible feedback when it is swung. An aesthetic Hanon runs blade ending, at its kassake.
The saya of this particular sword has been made of wood and a dull gloss finishing. The bright copper Kurigat is tied with a black cotton Sage-o. Koi-guchi is hardened to form a ring around the saya for safety and for securing the blade when sheathed.
The Fuchi is black steel. Its core is a hardwood with ray skin. Each side of the tsuka is decorated by Menuki. Two bamboo Mekugi secures the Tang.
The tsuba has been constructed in a classic Musasshi double ring design. It is of blackened steel alloy. The Habaki is a solid piece of brass been built over copper Seppa.


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