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Aikido is difficult, it is really difficult…

Aikido is difficult, it is really difficult…

Back in my early twenties, I trained boxing for about 11 months, I was able to do my first sparring fight after just 4 weeks of training and I did it pretty well. Today on the other hand, after training Aikido for 3 years I still don’t feel comfortable or applying the techniques on a sparring session. As I said before Aikido is difficult, not just indeed because the techniques are very sophisticated but because of the number of them. O Sensei mentioned in an interview there are more than 3,000 Aikido techniques, most of them are sophisticated the required years and years of repetition before the Aikido student can Master them.

As a martial arts Aikido could be frustrating, because you only can see the results after years of practice. Case contrary, are the personal defense arts were punches and kicks are involved like boxing, karate or Taekwondo were students can see results in a very short time (weeks in most cases).

Aikido is difficult, sophisticated and a challenge for the Aikido student (aikidoist). Aikido is more than beating an opponent in the less possible time.

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