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3 reasons to train aikido

Why do you need to train aikido? Many people have been asking this simple question. In this article, I have highlighted three reasons to train aikido. Training an aikido is a way of exercise that everyone needs to do at least every day of their lives. Here are some of the three reasons to train aikido.

Safe training

Training an aikido is very safe as compared to other martial arts around.  While training an aikido, there are no strong emphases on striking though there are striking patterns. The patterns are taught as part of the techniques. The techniques are trained to flow and there are no roundhouse kicks, first trick or palm as in karate or in Muay Thai. Due to that, there are no injuries. While there are accidents in all martial art training, aikido has specific training patterns that help prevent injuries.

Helps in dealing with physical stress

When you begin training an aikido, you will get to be exposed to some philosophical teachings, you will also learn other figures in aikido and learn as you will be taught why aikido is referred to as the art of peace. Aikido training is beyond physical training, set of techniques or gradings. If you are an open-minded person, aikido training will help you understand your worth, it will make you ask yourself more about your life and help you get solutions to your life problems. This is one of the key reasons to train aikido. O ‘sensei had a belief that he was called to bring peace in the world and solve conflicts, you can also practice this and change your life forever.

Self defense

It is very obvious that when people train any kind of martial art, they are looking for self-defense.  Aikido is a very good training that you can use for self-defense as well as for the defense of the third party. Aikido will help you have a defense against stronger opponents and it is fit for all people irrespective of their age.

There are so many reasons to train aikido, some of them include; it is a way of meeting new people in life, it is a great challenge of learning new things, it also helps build self-confidence and help you learn and experience humanity



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