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Choosing the Aikido Hakama

Choosing the Aikido Hakama Are you looking for the best Aikido Hakama but does not know how?  This article will give you a guideline on choosing the Aikido Hakamas.  Remember, by choosing the best Hakama, you are improving your training results. You need to bare in mind that the traditional hakamu was specifically made to […]

The Hard Style Aikido

Within the world of Aikido a variety of styles exists. The major ones include Aikikai, Yoshinkan Yoseikan, Shodokan Aikido, Ki Society and Iwama. Aikikai is a style led by O-sensei’s decendants and remains to be the largest Aikido organization. Meanwhile, Yoshinkan was founded by Gozo Shioda and is known for its rigid practice of being […]

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